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About GBM

God's Best Ministries was established in 2009 by Rick and Leslie Francis.  After being church pastors for 26 years, they felt ​called to establish their own ministry, to focus more time on directly ministering to people instead of spending the significant time performing administrative and bureaucratic tasks associated with a church pastorate. They are very excited to be able to spend more time working with people, with minimal adminstrative tasks. 

During their time as church pastors and counselors, they were struck with how many people saw being a Christian as attending church and trying to be "good."  Many people did not seem to understand a real connection to God, or how to get their prayers answered, or that God is active and alive and continually interacting with people.  Rick and Leslie's passion is to help people connect to God, understand God, and learn from the Bible.  They desperately want people to know how to get prayers answered and how to tap into the power of God.


Throughout the years, Rick and Leslie have never stopped studying who God is, how to connect to Him, and how to understand the Scriptures.  They knew that God was not limited to church pulpits, and sought Him through hundreds of Christian books, thousands of hours of sermons from powerful preachers, and traveled to dozens of conferences, just to grow closer to Him. They have shared in life's struggles, through raising difficult children, overcoming tens of thousands of dollars of debt, and surviving open heart surgery, to name a few.  They have experienced the need for God's help, and have discovered many of the requirements to finding His help and getting their needs met. Now they wish to share what they have learned so that others can connect to God and receive answers for the struggles in life.



Rick & Leslie Francis - Founders

Rick and Leslie Francis attended Princeton Theological Seminary, both receiving their Masters of Divinity. Rick's emphasis was preparing for church pastorates, while Leslie's emphasis was in education and counseling.


After graduate study, Rick spent 26 years pastoring various churches in Ohio, Illinois, and California. In 2004, he left the pastorate in preparation for starting God's Best Ministries.  Along with being the founder of GBM, Rick is currently a high school teacher and a college instructor.


After her post graduate studies, Leslie started as a church pastor, then moved on to being a therapist, a counselor, an elementrary school teacher, a social worker, and a college instructor.  After founding God's Best Ministries, she retired in 2010 to focus on GBM full time. Rick and Leslie have three grown children and currently reside in Bakersfield, California.

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