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         GBM Activities



This is the cornerstone of GBM. We feel called to prayer, study prayer, and practice it daily. It is the most important part of this foundation because it not only provides personal growth with God, but also is the avenue for asking God to help others. We have created a website dedicated to a thorough study of prayer:  


We also network with other groups in prayer over specific issues, such as the Kern County Prayer Project, to bring Christians into unbiased prayer over elections. We have also taken prayer trips to Washington DC and Ireland, to pray over certain areas and encourage local ministries.



Bibles and Brochures


GBM has studied many different Bible translations to find an easy-to-read text that remains faith​ful to the original Hebrew and Greek. We supply boxes of Bibles to ministries​ and directly to our own community, to help people learn about God and connect to His love and power.


Along with Bibles, we have scripture cards to highlight specific Scriptures of God's love and promises. We also publish our own brochures to give simple guidance on reading the Bible, on praying successfully, and on understanding how to walk with God.  


Community Initiatives


GBM provides support, between $100 and $300, to individuals or groups who are engaged in helping low-income people, groups, or communities find God's best for their lives.  These finances are  for Christian resources and outreaches that specifically help people to understand God and His love, understand the Bible and its promises, or understand prayer and its process.  


The support can also be used to help low-income families struggling to improve their quality of life and their circumstances, or as fits into the criteria of helping people find God's best for their lives.  

Free Resources


Along with the Bibles and brochures mentioned above, GBM is dedicated to providing a wide range of literary resources to individuals, churches, ministries, and communities at no cost.  These free resources include the following:


     - Items written and published ​​by GBM                  foundation

     - Bibles in different translations and                    languages

     - Christian books from other authors and            publishers

     - Other pamphlets and brochures about              Christian teachings 


GBM wants to provide people with whatever they could use to grow in their understanding of God, and in how to have a relationship with Him.

Neighborhood Evangelism 


GBM distributes easy to read versions of the Bible directly to homes in low income neighborhoods.  Each Bible comes with a Scripture card to provide a way for people to start finding God promises and directions for their lives.


We offer to supply, without cost, other   resources to help people connect to God.   This offer is by request, so that no one feels coerced.  See  the Free Resources tab for a list of materials. 


Sharing the news how Jesus can impact our lives and problems is a priority for this ministry.

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