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Free Resources

Shown here are resources we are willing to provide at no cost (as long as funds are available).  Use the Contact tab to make a request.  If you know of resources that will help you develop your relationship with God but are not listed here, contact us as well.  We will be happy to help you.

New Testament Bibles - English and Spanish 

American Bible Society, (c) 1995.  Biblica, (c) 1999.

These easy to read versions of the New Textament bring to life the depth and wisdom in the word of God in modern phrasing and easily understood sentences.​

Various Mini-Books: God's Power and Purpose

By Charles CappsCapps Publishing, (c) 1976, (c) 1991, (c) 2004.  

By Rick Warren, Zondervan, (c) 2004.

God is a good God and has a fantastic plan for your life!  These pamphlets provide a revolutionary understanding of what God can do for you, from your finances to your physical & spiritual healing, using God’s Biblical promises to better every area of your life.  

Heaven: Close Encounters of the God Kind

By Jesse Duplantis, Harrison House, Inc., (c) 1996

Jesse Duplantis, a preacher from Louisiana, experienced God is the closest way possible, with a visitation to Heaven.  This book details his experience in 1988 when he left his earthly body for five hours and met God in Heaven.  Experience his vision and learn what to expect in eternity and what we must do while we are here on earth. 

Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven

By Dr. David Jeremiah, Turning Point for God, (c) 2014.

For many Christians Heaven is a topic that is rarely discussed outside of the salvation message.  This study guide by Dr. David Jeremiah seeks to provide insight and understanding into your questions about the mysteries of Heaven and the most important question, how do we know we spend eternity there. 

Heaven is for Real

By Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent, Thomas Nelson, (c) 2010

When he was only 6 years old, Colton Burpo went to Heaven and met Jesus.  As told by his father, this book walks through the events leading up to Colton’s heavenly encounter and the radical change it made to his and his family’s life.  Experience heaven from the eyes of a child much like God has intended for you to do.  

Life can be a bumpy ride... Let God smooth it out

God's Best Ministries, (c) 2014

This pamphlet is a great accompaniment to the New Testament Bibles listed above and will help you hit the ground running with scriptures on God’s promises and His requirements so that you can have the best relationship with Him.  His promises bring great change to your life, if you open up and let them!  

Wouldn't life go better if God were involved?

God's Best Ministries, (c) 2014

Everybody on this earth struggles with problems, issues and needs help, guidance and answers.  This pamphlet describes how God really works in our lives, how we can get to know Him, grow closer in our relationship with Him and what we must believe when it comes to God’s involvement in our lives.

The Bible: God's Treasure to You!

God's Best Ministries, (c) 2014

The Holy Bible is one of God’s greatest gifts to His people.  Its 66 books are the inspired words of God and the instruction manual for how to live. This pamphlet helps break down the barriers that we often struggle with when it comes to reading, understanding and knowing how to apply the scriptures in the Bible.  

Hearing from God!

God's Best Ministries, (c) 2014

Did you know prayer is a two way street?  It does not just involve talking to God, but listening to Him as well. This pamphlet walks you through the steps to fine tune your physical and spiritual ears in order to hear Him clearly and know how to pray effectively.  

Prayer Ideas​

God's Best Ministries, (c) 2014

Prayer is our connection to God, and it works like a smart phone. It’s a wireless connection, always “online” with Him, but we have to choose to connect through talking or praying with God.  This pamphlet provides ideas and thoughts on how to make your prayer time powerful and life changing. 

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