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        God loves us !
     He has help and He has direction
                  for each one of us.
      This foundation exists to help people knowunderstand and connect to the power and love of God.  We believe that God has help and direction for each one of His people. This help and direction begins with understanding prayer and God's Word, then continues as people consistently follow God's direction.  This foundation also exists to demonstrate God's love with initiatives of financial and practical assistance.
           To do this God's Best Ministries (GBM) provides resources and outreaches to individuals, groups, churches, and other ministries.  
       The express purpose of this ministry is to help people understand the Bible better, to see and believe what God promises, to teach about and practice successful prayer, to learn from others how to understand and connect to God. In addition this ministry distributes food, financial assistance, and other  material support. 
         To accomplish this goal of helping  people find God's best for their lives, we focus on 5 main activities:




Pray for wisdom for all government officials. 


Pray for individuals to discover the goodness of God.

Pray for those suffering from the violence in the Middle East. 

Join Us In Prayer
Are there resources you would like to help you grow in your walk with God?
Let us know!
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