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Connecting to  Prayer

  •   Prayer is an important component of this ministry.  


  •  For a ministry to be effective we believe it must be undergirded with prayer. 


  •  Second to studying the Bible, we believe that  prayer is the  next most important component to any ministry.  


  • Therefore, we take prayer very seriously.


    This ministry emphasizes these four categoreis of prayer:


          1.  Studying prayer:

                 There are many people who are very successful at prayer and have

                 gained valuable knowledge and experience through their prayer life.

                 This ministry also wants to be knowledgeable and successful at 

                 prayer, so we work to study and understand what other Christian 

                 leaders have learned and experienced in prayer.


      2.  Praying itself:

                 For this ministry there are six areas of concern for praying:

                        a.) praying for ourselves;

                        b.) praying for others around us (family and friends);

                                             c.) praying for government leaders;

                        d.) praying for ministries, churches, and Christians in this country;

                        e.) praying for other countries and peoples.  There are currently many 

                                                               displaced peoples (refugees) and persecuted Christians around the

                                   world.  There are also many countries who are struggling who 

                                   need our prayers.

                        f.) praying for God's work in the world.  This is taken from the Lord's

                                   Prayer: "Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven."


      3.  Teaching about prayer:

                        For  an in depth review on prayer, see our website at

                This ministry has also written

                        brochures on prayer and has purchased resources on prayer from other                         authors to give away  (See the "Free Resources" tab).


      4.  Encouraging others to pray:

                        this ministry networks with other individuals and groups to join

                        together in prayer for various concerns.


                        Let us know if God's Best Ministries can provide any

                        resources or support for you or your church or

                        ministry in the area of prayer or evangelism.


                        Also, let us know if there is any need or concern

                        over which we can join with in prayer.



We believe in the goodness and power of God to answer our prayers!












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